Motivational Speaker and becoming a professional motivational speaker takes a lot of training but can earn a big income.  Just ask my friend Johnny Campbell, Professional Speaker and an excellent motivational speaker.  I have watched Johnny get an audience sitting at the edge of their seat, waiting for his next nugget of wisdom.

I have been through Johnny’s motivational public speaking training and his public speaking courses help people get over the number one fear, fear of public speaking.

As Johnny points out in his website anyone can enjoy a lifestyle filled with travel and adventure.  But you need to have the proper public speaking training or you will be frustrated and aggravated by not knowing how to motivate an audience with the right gestures and content.

Fear of public speaking can be overcome and the enjoyment of being a well paid Motivational Speaker is achievable if you have a good solid foundation by following some basic principles:

* View yourself as business owners who sell speaking services

* Understand you market, industry or niche.

* Know the needs, wants and desires of their customers.

* Take the time to create products. (Books, CD’s, Reports)

* Stay in contact with previous clients and attendees.

* Promote you service and product online and offline.

* Constantly try to improve everything you do in your business.

* Test, track and survey all of your actions all the time.

* Follow-up clients in a timely manner.

* Ask for the business from potential clients.

Getting over the fear of public speaking and becoming a professional motivational speaker you must work everyday at marketing your business and commit to becoming a good communicator. The real secret to a good living (no great living) as a professional Motivational Speaker is great marketing and doing as many speaking events as possible.  If you follow these rules and advice along with getting public speaking training from my friend Johnny Campbell then you are well on your way to being a great Motivational Speaker.

Provided by BI Tools and Trading Strategy Reviews

It is that time again, time for another awesome review of a data discovery tool in the business intelligence space. Like always we will be focusing on BI Tools that are easy to use, affordable yet have a lot to offer businesses of all sizes.

The latest release of TIBCO Spotfire will be the BI Tool we will be reviewing.  Spotfire released their latest version Spotfire 5.5 to the public on June 1st.  This release has a lot to offer:

Faster Insights for Business Professionals
• Easily show overlapping subsets of data around the same visualization
• Adjustable marker transparency provides depth and density view
• See details and trends in context within the whole, by showing records which are filtered out
• Retain color context when picking data of interest
• Improved display of Details Visualizations, with multiple choices for default displays

Improved Productivity for Spotfire users
• Easily combine multiple data tables right into a single visualization using Visual Join
• Rapid expression writing for quicker results, with syntax highlighting and autocompletion
• Gain quick insight with Quick Calculations–instant ability to access most often requested calculations
• Redesigned Welcome Page offers 1-click ability to access recent applications, the Spotfire Library, data sources & search

Manage Business by Exception
• Rather than sifting through 100s of KPIs, immediately go to the ones that matter
• Automatically filter towards best/worst performers and significant KPIs
• Rule based visualizations that immediately show the exceptions inside your data

Expansive, Self-Service & IT Governed Data Access
• Dramatically expanded connectivity to several new in-database analytics sources, include direct connections to Netezza, SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and a lot more data sources through Spotfire ADS.
• Expanded capabilities for in-database data sources, including Custom Expressions, Binning and Table Visualizations
• Store and share in-database Access Configurations within the Spotfire Library, providing centralized access & security models both for In-Memory & In-Database analytics
• Integration with Teradata Aster for applications including determining the effectiveness of content, website “golden path” analysis, and viewer engagement

You can